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Takuan (Pickled Daikon)

Today I got a quick recipe for you that you’re gonna love. It’s for a Japanese-style pickle called takuan. If you’ve ever had bento either Japanese-style or Hawaiian you may have had these before. They are the yellow pickled daikon that is usually stuffed in the corner of the box. You can buy them at […]

Pork Belly Bowl
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The Ultimate Pork Belly

Today I’m gonna show you the recipe for the ultimate pork belly. Ultimate because: It only has 3 ingredients It’s incredibly easy to make It’s extremely versatile You can use this in a number of ways. At the restaurant, we braise it til tender for ramen topping or filling for bao, dice it up and […]

avo rose

How To Make An Avocado Rose

If you’ve ever seen avocado toast on Instagram, you’ll have probably seen the infamous avocado rose. Buttery and unctuous slices of barely ripened avocado arranged lovingly in a circular arrangement resembling a blooming flower. Truly a sight to behold. Beautiful enough to charge $8 for a slice of toast. For real. Despite the ridicule that […]